The USCIS posted over 40 new forms onto their website today (12-23-16) with an effective date of today saying these new form versions are the only versions of the forms accepted as of today. When new forms are adopted, there is typically both prior notice given and a transition period where prior forms are still acceptable for use.  No prior notice of the changes was given and no alert was even sent out today by the USCIS--so you only happen to notice the overhaul if you looked at the USCIS forms on their website today.  Drastic fee increases of 30%+ were implemented today as well.  The USCIS has said they will reject all cases received without the correct fee but have indicated upon questioning that they will "use discretion" in rejecting cases for outdated forms because they understand many cases are in process to be sent to them.  The forms affected are for high use case types and the sudden move by the USCIS will wreak havoc on cases currently in process.